Tile Roof Replacement & Repair

If you’re looking to have your tile roof replaced or repaired, or simply want to switch to tile from another material, you’re in good hands with contractors who specialize in tile roof repair and replacement.

Wouldn’t you agree that you want a tile roofing contractor that is continually improving their tile education and training? You want a contractor that has long-lasting relationships with tile manufacturers to tap into special services such as higher-quality materials and design services that are reserved for select few roofing contractors. A quality tile roofing contractor should help you to design and decorate your new roof tiles at no extra charge, while meeting all homeowners association and budgetary needs. You don’t deserve any less with such an important investment.

Tile roofs can be found on many building structures, from residential homes, multifamily complexes, to churches, large plazas and even many commercial buildings. Tile roofs provide a very nice curb appeal for homes that are looking for a Spanish or Southwestern design and feel. Tile roofs do not rot like wood, are insect and fire resistant, and generally require less maintenance than other types of roofs. While sturdy to the elements, tile needs to be walked on with absolute care if upkeep is required.

What kind of Tile Styles Can You Choose From?

  • Spanish
  • Scandia
  • Flat shake
  • Double Roman
  • Barrel
  • French
  • Riviera
  • Pantile

What Kind of Tile Roofing Materials Can You Select From?

  • Concrete
  • Terracotta
  • Clay