Slate Roof Replacement & Installation

Slate roofs are some of the most durable and beautiful roofing materials available today (and have been around for centuries). Slate can be found in numerous colors and grades, and is typically found on higher-end, elegant homes. Many homeowners love slate not only for the many textures and styles to choose from, but it is very practical, durable, high-quality and requires low maintenance with a very long life expectancy (can be 50 to 200 years!). When new slate roofs are installed with high quality slate, expert flashing, proper soldering, underlayment, a slate roof can have a life of 100+ years.

Why Slate?

  • Slate has a very natural look
  • Slate increases the curb-appeal of your home
  • While more expensive initially than other roofing materials, it has a lifespan unrivaled by other materials.
  • Slate roofs look great for many years after installation
  • Slate roofs function for extended periods of time without requiring hardly any maintenance
  • Slate holds up well to storm damage.

Is Slate Right For You?

When it comes to slate roofing, you want to work with a contractor that offers top of the line slate roofing material and experts in slate installation. Since slate is an inexpensive material, you want to avoid fly-by-night contractors who do shoddy work. Slate is an incredible roofing material, but it takes quality craftsmanship to install properly.

Slate has been used on homes and buildings for over a thousand years! Historically, slate has been renowned for its aesthetics, durability, and strength and fire resistance. Slate offers a classy and historic look to any building without requiring years of waiting to age.