Residential Shingle Roof Replacement, Installation & Repair

Shingle roofs are one of the most popular and widespread roofing systems that we see on residential homes. Not only are shingle roofs strong, but they are very aesthetically pleasing and come in a wide variety of designs, materials and styles.

Why do we recommend Shingle Roofing?

Shingle roofs have been used for over a century because they offer durability and strength. Beyond aesthetically pleasing and increasing curb appeal of your home, there are many manufacturers of roofing shingles which has led to a wide variety of materials and styles that homeowners can choose from to meet your needs. In terms of practical use and maintenance, shingle roof installation and repair is typically less involved than other types of materials.

Shingle Roof Installation

Our recommended local contractors can help you with a FREE inspection to inspect your current roof, find the root cause of any leaks that you may have, and the condition of your shingle roof (if a repair or re-roof is required). If you have a metal roof and are interested in a shingle roof replacement, you can review those options with your contractor as well.

Shingle Roof Damage Repair

Shingle roofs hold-up very well to the elements, but strong storms can damage even the toughest and sturdiest shingles. Excessive 70 mph winds, 2-inch hail, even the compounding effect of heavy wet snow sitting on your roof can wear down your roof over time. It is imperative to watch your roof for signs of damage to your shingles, gutters and siding.

Obvious damage can be seen in the form of missing/blown shingles, hail indents on the side of your home or HVAC unit or gutters, leaks, and wet spots on your ceiling. Sometimes all that is needed are small repairs for your shingle roof, possibly just repairing a small portion. However, if left unattended to, a small problem can transcend into a much bigger problem, costing significant damages to your property. Many insurance carriers also require “prompt notice” for storm damage claims, and will cover the damage with your homeowners insurance – and many carriers have a one year statute to file.

If you bring it to your insurance carrier’s attention quickly, it is often in their own best interest to help you replace your roof quickly because a small leak can lead to much more costly repairs and damage. For instance, a leak caused by hail damage that turns into interior water damage and mold may turn from a $10,000 roof replacement into a $40,000 clean-up and restoration project. However, if you miss your claim period to file, your insurance may no longer cover those costly repairs – as it falls outside the storm date!

It is important to have your shingle roof inspected regularly after any major weather event – and our local contractors are happy to give you a free inspection for your shingle roof to see if repairs, or a replacement are needed.