Flat Roofing Replacement, Restoration, Installation and Leak Repairs

Our contractors have experience of doing hundreds of repairs and replacements on commercial flat roofs. There are different types of services and materials your existing or new flat roof will need. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages that our specialists can help you explore.


Duro-Last roofs are customized for each roof from single-ply PVC. Duro-Last is highly regarded in the industry as one of the best commercial roofs because it is extremely low maintenance, been around for many years, and as the name suggest, are built to “last”.


Duradek is ideal if your flat roof is a deck. Duradek’s are known for their waterproofing.


Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EDPM) is a synthetic rubber that is designed for durability and longevity. By nature of its construction, the synthetic rubber is able to adapt to the temperature, and provides for leak-resistance from the way it is sealed to the roof.


Thermoplastic olefin is one of the most popular and common commercial roofing systems in the United States because of its economic cost compared to other types of commercial roofs. TPO is energy-efficient and comes in a variety of colors.

What Kind of Flat Roof Maintenance is required?

Installing a flat roof can last for many years, if you are diligent with maintaining and monitoring the health of your roof. However, by not keeping up with it, like with other roofing materials, small problems can arise that turn into very costly problems that likely could have been prevented.

(1) Removing Debris Build-Up

Over time, and following several storms, leaves and other debris can begin to clog your gutters – accumulating sitting water on your roof. Just like pools of water can be damaging inside of your home or in your basement, water build-up can damage your flat roof.

If you begin to see vegetation growing, it can indicate that your gutters are not draining properly, and that plants and moss are growing as a result of the water.

(2) Checking for cracks and splitting

A small crack that is found early-on can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. However, just like a crack expands in glass, a small crack on your roof can split and grow bigger, especially during cold winter months.

Cracks provide a clear path for water to leak into your business. And, if your gutters are not properly draining, then after each storm, the sitting water will find its way into your business or home, which can be extremely costly if it is a retail store. Insurance companies also request that all storm damage and claims are filed with “prompt notice” – so if a small crack turns into a very costly repair or replacement, an insurance carrier may deny the claim if they feel it was preventable with more maintenance and oversight! So it is very important to stay on top of the health of your flat roof!