The Family Roofers is proud to be a family run business that puts an emphasis on LOCAL.

Many roofing contractors are viewed in a negative light – with unprofessional contractors who say one thing and then never follow through, or with storm chasers who hop from city to city where roofs are just looked at as a paycheck, or with companies who don’t understand the importance of communication where it can be impossible to get ahold of your roofer after they accept payment or trying to get ahold of them for future repairs.

Our mission is to transform this industry and to create a smooth, stress-free experience for homeowners & commercial building owners during time of roof repair and replacement. Our values are on local, honesty, and ethics. Our name comes from our family values – and think you should be treated like family. We expect our contractors to treat you the same way that we would want someone to treat our grandparents.

At The Family Roofers – we have a network (a “family”) of local, reputable roofing contractors as we are expanding across the United States. We take the guess-work out for you. Helping to pair you with top local roofing contractors in your city – contractors that are part of your local communities, which eat at the same restaurants as you, shop at the same grocery stores, and go to the same football games.

We do not have sales people or send out ‘door knockers’, but rather, our requests come via being invited to inspect a roof by the homeowner or property manager directly at their request. Our local contractors can help perform thorough roof inspections for your home or business, and bid for leak repairs, and full roof replacements. These contractors can help thoroughly inspect your home for hail and wind damage before you file a claim – or help you to verify amount of damage before you call in a claim, and even talk through honest options based on inspection results of what may be your best course of action. The same type of honest conversation & analysis we would want a contractor to have with one of our family members who is looking out for their best interests at heart.

Welcome to the Family!